KAJAK CUSTOM has been created from the passion and need for a custom crafted bicycles. Looking for a well tailored bike in the shop with mass produced bicycles is a difficult task. KAJAK CUSTOM will make any bike you want, anything you can think off. No matter what you use your bicycle for, what size and angles you want KAJAK CUSTOM can build a right frame for your bike, even to your exact specification. Using the highest quality of steel to suit your needs and make sure your bike will last.

“A custom steel frame made by a custom builder is the best overall choice for most people who want a good bike.”

Everyone can benefit from a custom bicycle. Hand made custom bike is designed and built for you and you alone. It will fit you perfectly and will be built with materials and components that reflect you and your riding style. A good custom bike will also say a lot about you, your personal tastes, and your sense of style. This means no templates, and no fixed prices. Each bike is hand-crafted to its rider's preferences.